Romantic Picnic Ideas For Your Next Date

With the warmer weather approaching now is the perfect time to think about a romantic picnic with that special person in your life. Grab a picnic basket a blanket and head to a scenic spot to enjoy each others undivided company. Picnics of the romantic variety work best in secluded or remote locations.

However with that remoteness comes a certain level of pressure. There is no room service or corner store to call on for the last minute forgotten items. With some planning and our helpful tips you can create a perfect picnic that will long be remembered.

The must take items are, blankets and cushions, Plates, glasses, napkins and at least 1 sharp knife food and drink, (don't forget a bottle opener) sunscreen and insect repellent a first aid kit and to really impress a CD player with mood music (make sure the batteries are charged) big stable candles, (don't forget the matches) and flowers A picnic menu is best if kept simple. Try cold chicken or meats, a selection of cheeses, fresh fruit like grapes and strawberries, dips and of course a fresh baked baguette. Foods you can share or even better feed to each other are winners. Champagne or a crisp Chardonnay work well for most picnics, but don't forget to take plenty of water it is easy to get dehydrated on a hot summers day. To keep ants away sprinkle talcum powder around your picnic site, ants can't stand the smell or feel of it and won't cross the barrier you have set up.

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