Love at First Sight Part One: Does it Really Exist?

"I was mad--madly in love with a girl whom I did not know and might never find, but I knew what I was going to do first thing in the morning. I was going to phone Maxwell House and find out who made that commercial for them." Read More

Love at First Sight Part Two: Are His Feelings Real?

If you're dating a man who swears love early in your relationship, it can be difficult to determine whether his feelings are genuine. Before you find out, make sure you like him enough to see him again (sounds obvious, but you'd be surprised how many women stick with guys they don't like because they're afraid he's the last bus out of the station). Read More

Top 10 Mistakes Men Make When Meeting and Dating Women

1. Trying to get a woman's approval

Have you ever watched a movie or seen in real life where a guy does everything for a girl... writes her poems, gives her things, does things for her and kisses up to her all the time and she completely isn't interested in him? Well, that's real life. Read More

Just How Does A Guy Meet A Girl, Anyway?

Hello Doc:

I've never really known much of anything about dating. I'm 26 years old and I've never had a serious relationship. I feel like I've missed out on a lot of knowledge over the years and I feel like I'm sunk.

Where can I go to meet people? How do I introduce myself when I find someone? Read More

Can We Still Be Friends

Life is really not like the movies. If people's life was like the movies then every person's love life would be pretty healthy. There would be no unhappy endings. Let's face, life is not like the movies. If there's anything in life that resembles movies it's the nightmarish things that happen in the middle of movies. I say this because of some endings in movies where relationships end and one party asks if they could still be friends. In the movie world it can still work out, in the real world it just might be a dream. Read More

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