Using Hypnosis to Seduce Women

Is it possible to seduce a woman using hypnosis? Many men like the idea of being able to lead a woman into a trance and then into their bed. It isnt as simple as it sounds, but hypnosis definitely has its uses when it comes to influence. Having a woman become attracted to you is like any sales situation, you want to use all the techniques you can to influence the situation. Here is how you can use hypnosis to seduce women: 1. Set the mood It needs to be possible for the person to focus only on you, and they need to be in a comfortable position. A noisy club with flashing lights where she cant even hear you is going to be difficult.

A quiet area in a bar however, could work fine. The two necessary elements are eye contact, and being able to hear what you say. It also needs to be a place free of sudden distractions a sudden interruption can easily break a light trance state. 2. Using hypnotic language and voice To induce a trance, you need to use the right delivery and language. A hypnotic voice is how you speak when you are very relaxed slowly and smoothly.

Being hyper and telling them to relax is not going to work. Hypnotic language links cause and effect and sentences seem to go on forever as you listen to my voice, you will relax more and more deeply, whilst you begin to notice sensations such as the weight of your hand on your thigh. 3.

Induce a trance An overt trance induction can be done in a number of ways. The best ways are under the guise of a cool relaxation technique? you learned, or asking her to imagine, picture, or visualise something very vividly. The first method would involve her: Concentrating on her breathing, taking deeper longer breaths through her nose. Noticing the temperature, sensations and feelings throughout her body. Closing her eyes.

Continuing to breath deeper and deeper and become more and more relaxed. Continuing the suggestions and taking the focus of her attention to a particular area of her body like her hand. After a couple of minutes, she should be in a good trance state. 4.

Verifying the trance state How do you know if someone is in a trance? A couple of easy ways: - Loss of muscle tonus in face facial muscles relax completely. - Rapid eye movement noticeable behind eyelids (if eyes closed) - Gaze defocuses (if eyes open) - Loss of swallow reflex 5. Evoking Emotions Talk about being amazingly happy like a little kid on her birthday, or being so relaxed, or feeling safe, or feeling very excited, or even aroused. Evoke these emotions by asking her to remember a time when she felt those feelings very strongly. 6. Attaching them to you As you describe the feelings, say that sitting with me now and feeling so safe, relaxed, and happy just listening to my voice, you might hope that you can always feel like this and things along those lines.

Work this into your language, and associate with your voice and touch this is called anchoring.

Did you find those seduction tips useful? You can become a Pick Up Artist if you train with us. Find out how to become a master seducer at:

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