Ideas That Will Win Her Heart

One of the images guys like us want our girls to enjoy is the image that we are always totally on top of the date and that we always have new ways to make her smile. Even if you are dating the same gal over time, she still looks to you for something new and creative with each dinner out. She gets excited thinking of the fun you have planned, something cool you have to show her or the romantic thrills you have in store when you pick her up each Saturday night.

And even though it's hard to keep coming up with new stuff, we like it that our girls expect such great things from us. But you and I both know that coming up with new ideas for dates is a big challenge. This is particularly true of ideas for romantic dinners. Part of the reason that "genre" of date may be more of a challenge is that guys sometimes are not always as romantic as we want out gals to think we are. So coming up with great ideas becomes a project and one you have to keep going all the time, especially if you are in a long term relationship.

It helps if men stick together in this effort because each and every guy who is dating has a girl somewhere who believes he can do magic and create a new romantic adventure to make her swoon with romance and feeling every single date. With that in mind, we must never overlook the greatest resource for new romantic dinner ideas and that is other guys. Pay attention to other couples that have been dating a while, especially the ones that seem to explode with romance nonstop. You know the men in those relationships know a few tricks.

Our women have us at a disadvantage because they seem to share romantic ideas almost by nature. So when the women go to the little girls room to gossip, then is the time to strike some partnerships with other men to share ideas for the common good. If we can band together as brothers with a cause, and that is having great romances with our gals, we can share what we know and everybody wins. But everybody has to keep their eyes and ears open for new dinner ideas that have great romantic potential.

The basics are to know your local restaurants well and which ones offer the best romantic experience. But we can't stop with that because there are only so many restaurants and Sonic and Burger King are out of the picture anyway. We also have to be practical because we are not made of money. Sometimes the best romantic restaurants are also very good at charging the most for the dining experience.

But there is a secret about our women that can help with this problem and that is that there are lots of ways to make a dinner romantic and not spend very much at all. In fact, low cost dates that are simple and creative are sometimes the most romantic ones of them all. Your girl may go wild for a simple dinner of TV dinners in front of the fire or a picnic meal on the hill over the bay. Many times a very simple evening is the most romantic because the night is all about the two of you and the love you share and she feels that and loves the idea. By keeping your wits about you, you will find new romantic ideas for dinner dates flying at you every day. Movies, magazine ads, television shows and even stage plays all are bursting with great ideas because the people who write that stuff are paid the big bucks to come up with romantic concepts.

So why not make them earn their money and take their ideas for your own. Make it a rule that there is no such thing as a source of new romantic dinner date ideas that is too crazy or out of limits. And a huge population that is bursting with ideas are the other women in your life.

Friends of your sweetheart know well what she likes and they also have encyclopedia size inventories of ways they would like to be romanced on dinner date with a handsome guy. They would love to share their romantic fantasies with you to use with your girl. Don't laugh because romance is timeless and just because the generation before you is up there, they aren't dead and they no doubt have a huge library of romantic ideas from their own courting lives. And even if those ideas are "so last decade", sometimes a quaint idea is just the ticket if you bring it up to date.

The idea is that you are always looking for great new ways to give your special girl a wonderful romantic night out. If you start to get a good supply of new ideas, start a log of them or put them in your computer because you can never have too many romantic dinner ideas. And when you do get a few dozen ideas ahead, you will be able to live up to that image she has of you of a romantic superhero always able to thrill her with a new romantic adventure every time you and she enjoy each others charms for the night. can provide you with more romantic dining ideas for any event.

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