The Issue of Honesty in the Online Dating Community

Some people have lost faith in the dating cycle, hoping that from out of the blue, someone, somewhere would come up to them, stare in to their eyes and that would be the start of a beautiful relationship. But not everyone can have a once upon a time love story, in fact, it rarely happens, that is why there are now a great deal of people who take matters into their own hands. That is where they have discovered the Internet to jolt their love life a notch or two. There are a lot of good websites for online dating that you can choose from. Dating is fun and can be truly rewarding if you have set ideals and some standards of what you want in a person. However, online dating is definitely not for everyone, most especially for those who are very sensitive, faint-hearted and a hopeless romantic.

People who are daring and bold may find online dating fun, and very rewarding. Not all people are honest enough to tell the truth on the net. Some people tend to deceive others by not telling their real age, marital status and other pertinent information about them just to boost the interest on them. So how will you know if the person you are dating online is actually telling you truth or is being honest with you? Interrogation is definitely out of the question; it will surely offend a person. Since you want others to be honest with you, you yourself should also be honest to them.

As the golden rule says, do unto others what you want others to do unto you. Here are several possible ways to tell if a person is really honest on the net. Try to listen to them.

This might seem ridiculous to other people coz how can you possibly listen to someone who you can not even speak with in person. Just listen to what he or she is saying in words, that is just obviously what you can see on the screen. Read and listen, after that you can pin him or her on some details. If he or she refuses to open up on the details and is rather evasive, then that person might be a liar. If you wish to continue your online dating, do so but with a little caution. If you have a lot of nonsense questions going on your mind and maybe to your amazement the other person always have an instant explanation, better think twice.

Are his/her answers believable? Some nonsense excuses should indicate a red flag and therefore you should be ready for any shocking truth about him or her. There are married people who engage in online dating. You should be alert and watch out for these kinds of people.

You really do not want a commitment with married man/woman in the first place. Do you want to be called a home wrecker, if not then you should look for certain indications that might otherwise bring out his or her true status. Try making surprised phone calls, if that certain person already gave you a number. If he or she responds negatively, like for instance that person gave a lame excuse then take it as a warning. Make your surprise calls more often, say for a week or so. If you get the same negative reaction, then forget that person, you do not deserve someone like that.

Current photos can tell a lot about a person and their character, although there is the saying that looks can be deceiving. Personal appearance is not really the issue. There are those who keep their appearance from other persons. If you try to analyze it, a person who is not being dishonest should have no reason not to disclose any personal information about him/her, even their appearance. If a person is being honest with you, that same person will not hesitate to give you a current picture.

With our technology now, there can never be a shortage of shops/places that takes pictures. It will only take about fifteen minutes or even less. Watch out for online scammers. How will you know? These confidence people usually can put a person at ease, agrees with anything you have to say, and confess undying love and heartfelt words in just a week or so online. Let us face it; you can not possibly fall in love with a person who you have not met personally or at least have had communication for a long period of time. If you both feel strongly for each other, then the question of meeting soon should not be a problem.

There should be no lame excuses for not meeting soon if you are both honest with each other. Online dating is just another option for those who are looking for love. Always remember that love takes time. There is really no need to rush.

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