Just How Does A Guy Meet A Girl, Anyway?

by Dr. Dennis W. Neder

Hello Doc:

I've never really known much of anything about dating. I'm 26 years old and I've never had a serious relationship. I feel like I've missed out on a lot of knowledge over the years and I feel like I'm sunk.

Where can I go to meet people? How do I introduce myself when I find someone?


Here's the reality: MOST men don't learn very much about dating! Our fathers don't teach us, our schools don't teach us, our friends are usually in the same boat we are! On the other hand, women have all sorts of resources! They get information about dating and relationships from women's magazines, books, movies, their friends, their families, etc., etc. Women spend their entire lives studying this critical information and we guys get very little - if any - of it.

What most guys do is to wait around until some girl gets so frustrated that she approaches him - and then he doesn't know what to do with her! So, she gets bored very quickly and either stops taking his calls or just comes out and dumps him.

That's exactly why I wrote my books, "Being a Man in a Woman's World I & II" and "1001 Places and Techniques to Meet Great Women". These (and my CD's, DVD's and articles) have come after much study on my own - over 20 years of it! Interestingly, women complain about men's lack of skills all the time.

Ok, let's get to your questions:

1) Where can you go to meet people?

The answer is simple: everywhere! Great women are everywhere you go - except your own living room. Thus, you need to get yourself out among people!

Have you ever been in a bookstore or coffee shop or supermarket and seen a good-looking woman that you'd have liked to approach? We run into women all the time just out doing our daily business. The problem is that most guys don't have the knowledge to actually go over and meet the woman. They spend their time thinking "Oh, she'd never be interested in me!" or imagining that she'd just shoot them down. In fact, this rarely happens, but if you know the skills, it NEVER happens!

Hobbies are another important way to meet women. In my first book, I talk about how important it is to have hobbies. Hobbies not only make you better well-rounded and more interesting, they give you access to other people of like interest! You instantly have something in common with someone that enjoys the same hobbies you do. Even better, there are clubs and organizations devoted to almost every activity you can think of!

In my e-book, "1001 Places..." I talk about a ton of places to go and meet women and specifically how to approach them there.

2) How to you go about meeting women?

This is a tougher question, but in fact, there are specific rules that you want to know. Dating and courtship are complicated rituals in humans with rules that have been the same for millions of years! Women learn these rules and expect men to know them, but as I've already said, women have many resources whereas men have very few.

Two of the resources you have are my books, "Being a Man in a Woman's World I & II". These books take you through every aspect of dating - how to find women, how to approach them, what to say, how to "close", how to get phone numbers, dates and even sex, how to create relationships, how to grow those relationships into your dreams and even how to handle relationship problems.

You can see this is a very extensive question to answer! The good news is that it's not difficult and ANY MAN can learn all the skills he needs to not only meet women, but to be successful with them! How cool is that?

I suggest you start by visiting my website (http://www.freegaychatlines.net) where you'll find a ton of resources along with the books, CD's, etc. These will get you started, but they'll do a lot more for you - they'll give you life-long skills that you can begin using right now to start finding, approaching, meeting and actually winning with women! These skills aren't tough, but they are specific. Go get this information - you've already suffered without it for too long.

Best regards...


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