Dating a Younger Woman in 5 Easy Steps

by Dan Baritchi and Jennifer Hunt

The question.

"I am looking for a younger woman but most women want to date someone around their own age. What can I do?"

Today's question is from one of our readers who wishes to stay anonymous; we'll call him Bill. Read the question again. Notice how Bill is already convinced that the younger woman he seeks will not be interested in someone his age. This is a self fulfilling belief which is virtually guaranteed to come true. If you believe deep down that you're going to fail, then you will.

The real answer.

In short, yes, you can absolutely find a younger woman that's right for you. You just need to set your target, take action, and stay the course.

How can you get started in the right direction?

First, take a look deep down inside and figure out exactly why you want to meet a younger woman. And then think about what this perfect woman would be like. Describe her in as much detail as you possible can. Then, write it down on a piece of paper. List her age, physical appearance, personality traits, hobbies, likes and dislikes, etc. Once your have described the perfect woman for you in great detail, fold up that piece of paper and carry it with you for 1 week.

Imagine that you are already with her. What will you do? What will you talk about? Where will you go? REALLY feel it and get into the emotion of it -- How will you feel when you are with her? All of this may sound silly, but do you know that by simply writing down what you want, you increase your chances of getting it by 80%!

Just think about that one for a minute...

"The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen." - Lee Iacocca

Social stigmas and why do you care?

You don't. Our society is full of social stigmas. We're so busy being concerned about "what others will think" that we we're afraid to pursue our own dreams. Yes, many people love to pass judgment on others, but that's their choice and their right. Why they do it is a larger topic for another day, but it's really not important here. No one else can possibly know what's right for you, so why listen to them?

A wise person once said,

"What someone else thinks about you is none of your business".

Is it true that most women want someone around their own age?

This is completely untrue! Fact is, each of us has different and unique wants and needs. Your goal and single focus should be finding the perfect woman for you. Period.

5 easy tips for attracting and dating younger women.

Younger women are often attracted to traits like maturity (like their daddy), more money and higher social status, masculinity, leadership abilities, confidence, and composure, so it's important for you to focus on whichever of these traits you possess.

1) Be yourself.
When older guys meet a younger woman they often get nervous and start to act really weird. Don't do this -- just be yourself.

2) Keep it light and fun.
Be playful. Have fun. Tease her. She hasn't forgotten what it's like to play and goof around. It'll do you some good to remember not to take life so seriously. Be a little crazy and opt for things that younger guys generally can't afford to do. Go ahead. Enjoy yourself.

3) Be the leader. Be the man.
Younger women are most likely looking for someone to take the lead. They have less experience in life and are most likely looking for someone to show them what's out there. Make your date and other plans ahead of time, but be sensitive and ask her opinion of the plans that you have already made. (She may be allergic to sushi). Be a man, yet respect her opinion. Opening doors, walking on the outside of the curb, and pulling out chairs is another way to make a big impression on younger women.

4) Don't act like a "perv".
Most attractive young women have been hit on by some lame, perverted older guy. Don't try to move in too soon or she'll think you're just a "perv" looking to get into her pants. When your alone together, it's OK to flirt, but let her pursue you for anything further. Otherwise you may scare her away.

5) Give her some space.
Younger women have probably just gotten out of their parent's house with very structured lives and zero freedom. If she's attracted to you, it's not because you're re-creating the suffocating environment that she just left... it's because you represent something different. Give her some space. Be the man that she's always dreamed about, and then don't chase her. Let her come to you.

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