How To Tell When A Woman Is Ready To Flirt

by Abbas Abedi

You are out in the club and this beautiful woman walks past by you. She touches her hair, smiles a little, and looks around. You were looking at her all this time and you think you will never get to ask her out and if you ever did, she will surely reject you.

Well, you are so wrong.

If you have been observing her body language well enough, you should have noticed that she was actually checking you out and giving out hints for you to make the move. Now, do not let another opportunity like this pass you by. You seriously need to study a womans body language. Here is a helpful guide for you so you would not have to spend your weekends alone anymore.

First things first. You need to understand that there are just two kinds of body language, open gestures and closed gestures. Open gestures mean that a woman is interested while close gestures tell you that she would rather be alone. Let us go through these two one by one.

Open Gestures

If a woman flips her hair and immediately afterwards glances your way, then that is a clear sign that she is interested in you and that she is trying to catch your attention by catching your eye.

How she reacts to eye contact is also an important body reaction to observe. Try to establish eye contact. If she looks away, then she is not that into you. If she does something to show that she has obviously become nervous because you are looking at her (playing with her jewelry, suddenly looking at her phone, or adjusting her clothes), then that means that she is interested and in fact a little attracted to you.

When you approach her to start a conversation and she leans forward, then it is her way of saying that she is yours for the taking. If she exposes her wrists and the palm of her hands, then that is her subconscious saying that she is willing to submit to you. It really is the subtlest way of saying that if you want her, you can have her. You know you have gotten it all right when she begins touching you and laughing at almost everything that you are saying. Yes, that is probably the alcohol but it is also her minds way of showing that it is comfortable with you and she is definitely attracted to you.

Closed Gestures

A woman crossing her arms is clearly telling you that she would rather be alone. It is not that she does not like you. It could be because she is agitated, uncomfortable, or just is not interested in meeting men in general at that moment.

When you start making your move and she likewise starts to roll her eyes, then that is not just a sign that you are making her nervous. She is actually embarrassed with what you are doing and she does not want anyone to see it. You have practically zero chances with a woman who does this. More so, if she leans back while you are about to approach her, then she is obviously giving you a signal to move away.

Based on studies, a womans body language expresses more than half of what she means even more than words. Therefore, it really helps to understand it but it is not fool proof. If you really like someone, then go ahead and talk to her even if her body is already screaming for you to leave. The worse thing that could happen is that she will just tell you point blank that she does not like you. There is really nothing here to lose. Take hints from the way her body talks but it is really up to you to decide on how to act on it.

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